IMO to raise delivery price on all publications

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IMO to raise delivery price on all publications

IMO to raise delivery price on all publications

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has announced that, from the 1st September, it will be raising its delivery charges on all publications. This will affect all re-sellers like ourselves as well as the distributors of IMO publications.

IMO have also withdrawn the standard deliver option for Zone 1 delivery (Zone 1: UK (excluding Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands Guernsey and Jersey)), this will result in a more costly delivery option of expedited delivery – now our only option.

The good news is that the only service available to us at Larsens Marine Publications is the Expedited service, so we should receive orders by the end of the next working day after an order is placed with the IMO.

As at 1st September 2018 the price for delivery to re-sellers and distributors will be as follows:

A flat rate charge of seven pounds (£7.00) plus seventy five pence (£0.75) per kg will be charged by the International Maritime Organization for delivery.

At Larsens Marine we have in the past absorbed the IMO delivery charge  and not passed it on to our clients, unfortunately we can not longer do this.

We will be adjusting our delivery charges accordingly inline with the charges laid down by the International Maritime Organization.

Please be assured that at any point in the future that the situation changes will reassess the delivery charges. All our onward delivery charges are at this time staying the same. If you have a large order to place then please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to see if alternative collection and delivery arrangements can be made.

Wishing all our best

Larsens Marine publications team.

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Please find a link to the International Maritime Organization shipping rates here

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